October 2019.
Prototype for educational game on digestive processes. 
Created in Unity3D, coded in C#. 

Created for Master's course in Interactive Visualisation at the School of Simulation and Visualisation, Glasgow School of Art.
The premise of this 2-week project was to create a prototype for a game that allows the user to learn about the organization of the digestive tract. It is primarily intended for high school or University students, or anyone with a very basic understanding of the function of the digestive tract. The goal of the game is for the user to be able to review the course that food takes through the G.I. tract and the processes occurring in the organs throughout in a fun and interactive way. Labels on the enzymes for collection as well as on the sphincters linking the organs are included in order for the user to be able to review their respective names and locations. The game field is a simplified stylization of the organs composing the digestive tract arranged in different levels for the bolus, ie. ball of ingested food, to move through according to keyboard input.
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